I love time lapse photography. It shows you a world you’d never get to see otherwise. It’s a dense compressed world. It’s one that only experts and those very familiar with a context ever get to visualize.

For the lay person, we need that time lapse to get a big picture. I mean, isn’t that what Team America’s montage is all about?

So here it is. This is the most comprehensive video of the intense 4 day building process of a trade show exhibit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEDCp7l01k4 . It gives you a view of the intricacy involved in building an entire city withing a few days. The tragedy is that the whole city lasts for a bit more than a weekend before it goes away even more rapidly than it came to fruition. Enjoy the video above and if you need trade show booth construction in Shanghai or Shenzhen, you know who to call.

These construction crews often fly all over the world to build an exhibit from Asia to Europe.