Every year or couple years depending on your industry, you have to make a tough call. That’s whether to fly your trade show exhibit construction crew out to the new conference and convention center or if you’re going to hire locally. The choice gets even tougher when that local company doesn’t speak English, in our case, and your favorite builders can’t interface with the local staff.

In spite of all the challenges of building your trade show booth or exhibit in a far flung land, organizations and industry groups love picking exotic locales. So, to help you decide, we’ve decided to show you how we build trade show displays in Singapore, Barcelona, and Tokyo Japan.

The video above was filmed on location over a period of 4 days. The footage shows the construction process from setting in the frames and truss structures to building in plywood walls and even finish carpentry. As surprising as all this is, what’s more surprising is that you can’t really reuse much of any of the materials. If you could resuse the materials, the cost to ship and store for an entire year would outweigh the cost of hauling and repurchasing. As disturbing as that sounds, it’s true.