Custom Neon Signs LA NYC

Do you realize that if you’re going to do an exposition or conference, nobody makes neon signs in America any more? Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but not much. There’s only about 5 people in all of California who still make custom neon signs. Everybody else in the sign business has retired about 10 years ago. That’s when China took over anything that had to do with manual labor for trade show displays and store front design.

Craftsmen from all over the major US cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago all went into retirement because they couldn’t compete with Asian prices any more. And it makes sense. Most craftsmen in the US make $50 an hour. In China, they get paid $1 per hour. That’s 50 times more expensive in the USA.

Well, if you want custom neon signs for your show or retail store front, contact

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