Rigging Truss Rentals in Paris Milan Rome Barcelona Brussels Amsterdam

When you have a trade show exhibit, set, stage, or grandstand to rig, getting basic prices from around the world is a major pain. Getting prices for truss rentals in Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Brussels is even more difficult when you don’t speak Spanish, Italian, or French. At least the Dutch and Belgians speak English very well.

In any case, the cost for rental of trusses for rigging in Europe varies widely, That’s because of the cost of living differences between major European cities. For example, Paris is the most expensive city in Europe. To find lower priced real estate, we have to locate our truss storage warehouses about 90 minutes away from the large convention centers and expo / fair grounds.

Even then, the cost is high to store and maintain trusses due to the distance from city center and the high cost of labor. When you’re in Hong Kong, Tokyo Japan, or Seoul Korea, you’ll find 300mm 290mm Euro Thompson Milos Truss here.

Depending on where your event is, and how much time you can give us to deliver, we may be able to deliver your rental needs from Belgium. Otherwise, if you need rapid delivery for a rush rigging project, well, you’ve still found the right team. Contact ShowSpace.co

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