Trade Show Displays and Truss Construction in 3 Days

I don’t know if you realize this but those trade show displays you see at major conferences and expos are built in 3 days and torn down in 3. I always thought that they used some simple reusable material for the walls and ceilings but that’s just not the case. The steel frames and truss frames they use are reusable. Almost everything else has to be discarded.

You’ll enjoy watching this video as it shows you in detail how much work goes into making an expo city for the 2-5 days that expo stays live. Then you’ll get a sense for how much can’t be reused when you see all the hand work and finishing.

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Or, if you need to rent truss hardware for rigging in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, or Rome, go here.

Finally, when you’re in Asia, you’ll want standard European medium duty 300mm or 290mm center Milos, Thompson, or Euro Truss in Seoul Korea Hong Kong and Tokyo Japan.

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